Impaler Chastity Device model 03

Impaler Chastity Device model 03
Impaler Chastity Device model 03 Impaler Chastity Device model 03
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* Back Ring to PA Hook distance:

* Cage Internal Diameter:

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Security Seal Hole:

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This chastity device offers a most convenient solution on the market:

  1. Highest security. Without opening a lock removing the device is impossible. Only for PA piercing wearers.
  2. Lightweight. This device weights only 115 gr. Allows activity like jogging. 
  3. Secure design. It can be worn 24/7/365 with an inspection in every 3-4 days. 
  4. Allows erection, but no masturbation. The spherical shield on the front protects glans from stimulation. No morning wood problems. 
  5. Easy to put on by your wife or girlfriend. 

Only for PA piercing weares. The device can be ordered in one of three sizes: inner diameter 26 mm, 31 mm or 36. The device's total length and PA piercing hook diameter will be made according to your order. 

Other sizes can be produced at request.




The recommended gauge of the hook is 6 mm. 

We strongly recommend to order a device not covering the whole penis shaft. This is enough to cover 50%-60% of the penis. Security of the device remains this same, but it is much more comfortable to wear. If you would like to attach the cage to some kind of suspending system, we can weld to it an anchor or two, according to your request.

During placing an order, please provide the information about your measurements. 


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