Mearurement tips

Measurements on a device

If you want to choose different distance between middle ring and scrotum ring, please write your request in a field "Comments" during placing the order. 

The scrotum rings are made from 8mm rods.


YouTube Channel

If you would like to see more than pics in our webstore, please visit our YouTube channel. You will find there all the devices with short demonstration how to close/open them, how to use security seals, hook types and so on.



Measurment tips

For the most of male chastity kinksters measuring the scrotum ring is quite easy. Our company specializes in advanced and extremely secure devices. All our clients have had expirience with chastity devices, so measuring the scrotum ring is easy for them. The main concern is measuring the cage length. Unlikely to the non-secure devices, the cage length is most important, Please keep in mind that in many of our designs a penis is locked inside through a piercing. If you ordered too long cage you would expirience uncomfortable "pulling". If you are not sure how to measure the cage length, please use the following guide:

Minimal length of the devices

The cage consist of the two parts which are determine the device length. One part is a cupola. In the models with the solid cupola (like Model-01, Model-02, Halfshell) the cupola length is equal to half of diameter. In the order words - the cupola length is equal to the radius of cupola. For the cupola 47mm length is 23.5mm, for 37mm length is 18.5 mm and so on. The second part which affects length of the cage is the system of the center ring which is counted as part of the cage (as on the picture above). The base ring of the cage (5mm), the center ring (5mm) and the space between them (5mm) take 15 mm in total. This means that a minimal length of the device is 1/2 of diameter + 15 mm. If you will place an order for a device shorter than a minimal length, we'll save some length on the construction elements and will produce a device as close to your request as possible, but the final result may be innacurate. 


Standard Hook

Many, but not all, devices have a "hook type" selection. This text explains how to choose a hook for a device.

This hook is designed for circumcised men.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      




This hook is designed for uncircumcised men. It has a space for a foreskin below the hook. 



Ring Anchor

Ring Anchor is the most convenient soultion. It allows to use a piece of your jewelry as a part of locking system. In addition you may exchange hook thicknes just by exchanging size of your PA ring. 


Special Security Hole

Securty Seal Hole allows to secure the device with a special wire seal. If the device is locked this way, opening could be done only after removing the seal first. 

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